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 Marlis Ladurée

ArtMeditate, mandala et méditation

Art Concept

Whether you are interested or practiced, you will find a mandala 

for guide you
in your meditation
and illuminate
your home
or your wellness work space.

Mandalas and Meditation

« an easy way to meditate »

The Mandala opens our hearts, our souls
and our consciousness as a portal
to another universe,
our own personal universe, and helps us to discover this wonderful world that is infinite
in us. 

the  right Mandala

by Marlis Ladurée

It's no coincidence that we choose a mandala.
They are chosen with a certain affinity.
A natural attraction is spontaneously exerted on a mandala created
by our own personality
and built from our existence.

There seems to be a real osmosis between us and our chosen mandala

Portrait de Marlis Ladurée

Marlis Ladurée

Paris - France

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